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Most times, privacy is a challenge at the workplace, especially when you want to make or pick a private call or have a private meeting. With MyPod, you no longer need to worry about that.

The next time you need to have a private business meeting or to make a private phone call, you can do so comfortably and productively in the best experience quite space for total privacy.

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MyPod Can Fit In Any Office

Conveniently and Easily Portable.

You can move it around to any spot of your choice within your office space effortless. Moreover, they come in different varieties to suit your office needs, and in tasteful finishes that compliment your office’s aesthetic value.

We use world class soundproofing technology, and our prices are competitive.

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10 Reasons To Have Meeting Pods in Your Office

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Almost every business has an open-plan workspace where desks/booths are placed strategically so everyone has their section of the office but can still communicate with others. These plans allow for collaboration, communal activity, and natural team building. They offer a way for people to come together as a group and interact.

The Problem With Open Offices

While open plans offer a lot, they also have some negatives attached to them. For a start, they create an overwhelming amount of office noise and endless distractions. Employees in open plans often end up multitasking too, which is bad for business as multitasking can slash productivity by up to 40%. People work better when they focus on a single task.

This is on top of the fact that the modern office doesn't have walls. Companies get rid of walls and other dividers to open up more space and fit more employees in to work. Employees need their own private space, though. Employees need somewhere quiet they can retreat to if necessary.

People have trouble working in busy, overwhelming environments. Some people have more difficulty than others. Being able to retreat into a quiet space is excellent for their overall health, wellbeing, and happiness. A happy employee is a hard-working and loyal one.

The solution to the problem of the modern open office is meeting pods.

What are Meeting Pods?

Meeting pods are essentially a little room within a room. They are primarily used for meetings, hence the name, but can be used for all kinds of purposes. These meeting pods come in all shapes and sizes to meet different needs. Pods can be open like the office itself or closed off for privacy and confidentiality. Closed pods are more beneficial because of their natural soundproofing. Open pods still have some basic level of soundproofing, so people can still hold private conversations.

Given their natural acoustics, meeting pods make the perfect place to have a private meeting or for employees to retreat to when they want peace and quiet. People in the pod are less likely to find themselves being distracted by others. Users are taken out of the noisy world so they can focus. Other people are also less likely to bother users because they would have to knock on the door to get their attention.

Meeting pods are available with all kinds of finishes and features, such as accessibility options and power options. Here are the top ten reasons to own a meeting pod in your office.

  1. Get Rid of Excess Noise

Offices are hectic places where a lot of things are happening all at once. Many meetings and conversations occur in an office, often all at once. It can be annoying for employees to find themselves hearing snippets of other people's conversations, whether they want to or not.

Being assaulted by all this noise makes it nearly impossible for employees to concentrate on their work. Everything becomes a distraction in enclosed environments. The "visual noise" of an office is a severe problem. Offices are cluttered spaces where people are always moving around or doing something, and it can be distracting, to say the least.

With so much going on that distracts them, employees can't focus on their job and be productive. Distractions can take up a surprising amount of time; it takes an average of 23 minutes for someone to regain complete focus after being interrupted.

Around a third of office workers say that the noise levels in their office are too much. Make things easier for employees and overcome the challenges of office noise with meeting pods. Some people are better at dealing with excess noise than others. Make things easier on the employees that need quiet.

  1. Boost Employee Focus

As mentioned above, the average distraction can cause a 23-minute drop in concentration. If employees are distracted just once per day, that's 100 minutes of productivity lost per week. If ten people went through that, then it amounts to 16 hours of productivity lost – around two full working days.

No employer would willingly choose to lose two-days' worth of productivity, not when it could be so easily prevented. If you'd like to keep employees focused and engaged on their work, then you should establish a space where they can concentrate in peace.

The two easiest solutions to minimizing employee distractions are creating flexible workspaces and designating areas of the office for personal calls. Meeting pods and executive booths can help with that. Pods are available with soundproof designs. They can also have all of the electrical features, such as phones and charging stations, provided by a regular workspace. Employees will have everything they need to get the job done in a comfortable environment.

  1. Tackle Privacy Problems In the Office

No one wants to be somewhere they feel they don't have any privacy. It's demoralizing to be stuck in an office and know that someone is always watching what you do. Employees feel like they're being watched or judged all the time with an open office. While these open offices do boost collaboration between employees, one can't discount the job performance that comes with guaranteed privacy. Not to mention everyone needs a space where they can decompress and unwind when it gets a little too much.

Working in an office means having to make – and take – a lot of important calls. Many conversations are had during a regular day at the office. It could be that the sales team has to make some cold calls, or someone has to discuss confidential, sensitive information about budgets, clients, and the company as a whole.

It can be difficult to hold such conversations and make such calls in an open office. That's where meeting pods come in.

Meeting pods afford callers privacy by getting rid of the human element around them. The sounds and conversations of employees outside the pod won't be a distraction during essential calls. Everyone gets the peace of mind that comes with knowing they aren't getting in the way of something important.

Meeting pods are designed to provide complete privacy. Only the people inside the pod can hear what's happening, and the sounds from outside the pod don't get in. These meeting pods are the perfect place to ensure privacy and confidentiality with essential matters, meetings, and calls.

  1. Meeting Pods are Environmentally Friendly

Meeting pod manufacturers use natural eco-friendly materials to create their pods. Take working spaces back to nature to make things more comfortable for employees. This eco-friendliness pays off for your business as much as it does the environment as a whole.

Human resources are continually looking into new ways to make employees happy, healthy, and productive. One critical insight available right now is that people like to work in natural environments. Being around too many artificial materials makes employees less comfortable and increases workplace dissatisfaction.

Every manager wants to keep their employees satisfied. A dissatisfied employee is an unproductive one. Dissatisfaction also stifles creativity and makes it harder for employees to solve their problems.

Some employees will have no problem moving to another company if they feel the grass is greener there, so to speak. While it's impossible to rebuild your office overnight, what you can do is introduce new elements that create a sense of harmony for the workplace.

Being more environmentally-friendly pays dividends for businesses. Environmental awareness creates positive press for a company. People want to deal with companies that adopt eco-friendly practices, so taking the time to implement some eco-friendly measures could open the doors to new business and clients.

Meeting pods are portable as well as being eco-friendly. It's easy to move these pods around the office or between different buildings. There's no need to bring in construction workers every time you move something in the office, which saves further time and money and adds to the eco-friendliness of meeting pods.

  1. Ventilated Booths Make it Easier for Employees to Breathe and Think

Employers like to adhere to the minimum ventilation standards at the very least. These standards can help to keep employees healthy and free from toxins, but they're called the "minimum" standard for a reason; they only offer minimal benefits. The minimal standard isn't enough to entirely refresh employees and keep them working their best. Meeting pods are made with super-quiet ventilation fans to give employees room to breathe without being a noise distraction.

There are numerous benefits to working in a well-ventilated space, outside of the apparent health benefits;

  • People who work in ventilated areas tend to make smarter, better thought-out decisions than those who don't

  • Working in a well-ventilated environment gives employees clear heads, which they need to come up with effective strategies and solutions.

  • Stale air hampers employee mood. Being in ventilated office pods makes them happier, which will lead to a drop in absenteeism.

Keep an eye out for meeting pods where the ventilators connect to motion detection systems. Having air conditioning that only runs when needed will save you a lot of money while still delivering all the benefits of ventilated office space.

  1. Employee Health

Infectious diseases are more likely to spread in an open office compared to a closed office. When everyone breathes the same air and spends all their time together in the same space, it's easy for viruses like the flu to spread from person to person. Spending time in an open office means employees are more likely to get sick. Workers in open offices take up to 62% more sick days than those in closed office environments.

Researchers with Stockholm University looked at different offices and the connections between how many sick days employees in those offices had. The researchers looked at the prevalence of short-term illnesses, long-term illnesses, and the average amount of days off employees took in a year. The results of the study showed that employees in open areas were more likely to suffer from short periods of sickness.

It's impractical to consider rearranging the entire office, but it's more than possible to install some private meeting pods. These pods give employees some privacy, so they are less likely to get sick. Pods also make a good place for employees who are ill to “self-isolate” away from others, so their infection doesn’t spread. That is, assuming their infection is something minor that won’t prevent them from being able to work. It may be best just to send them home to recover away from everyone else.

  1. Provide Employees With Some "Me Time"

Everyone needs a bit of "Me Time" to themselves, no matter who they are or where they work. It's documented fact that allowing employees to take some time to themselves makes them more productive. It sounds counter-productive to give employees more time off, but it pays off in extra productivity.

The ideal work routine has been shown to be working for 52 minutes with a 17-minute break. Other research has shown that brains work their best when used for an hour of intense activity, followed by a short recharging period.

Giving employees space where they can relax and have some time to themselves works out well for everyone. Even a minor shift in an environment like going from their desk to a meeting pod can offer the refreshment they need to come back and work harder than before.

  1. Offer Tension Relief

Working in bustling office environments has all kinds of effects on the mind and body. When people get stressed out, their bodies release a range of hormones, including adrenaline and cortisol. Adrenaline increases blood pressure while cortisol triggers the "fight or flight" response in the body.

Adrenaline and cortisol are useful in a fight, but not so good in an office environment. The hormones throw your natural balance out of whack and can cause problems in the long-term such as anxiety, depression, digestive issues, and heart problems.

A good employer is one that recognizes having quieter spaces in the office reduces stress and boosts productivity. A survey showed that 58% of high-performance employees needed more private space to work through more difficult tasks, while 54% reported that their office environment was "too noisy."

Even doing something simple like installing a few meeting pods where people can get peace and quiet can do wonders for the stress and anxiety of working in an office.

  1. Meeting Pods are Versatile

Meeting pods offer an easy way to provide peace and quiet for any industry or office. They can be used for all sorts of purposes, making their versatility one of their best features. Here are just some of the things you could use a meeting pod for;

  • Holding confidential calls about important high-level business tactics and discussing issues covered by federal privacy laws that can't be discussed in a place the meeting could be overheard

  • Conducting performance assessments and reviews, disciplinary action meetings, and other one-to-one meetings that need privacy

  • Creating a flexible environment that caters to different personalities, so introverts and extroverts have their own spaces to get on in peace

  • Provide a quiet space where employees can read, meditate, or do other calming exercises to reduce stress and refresh themselves

  • Small group meeting so conference rooms can be used for bigger meetings

  • Provide a quiet place where employees can record podcasts, hold video conferences, or hold press and client calls without any distractions

  1. Relatively Affordable and Easy to Install

It can cost a lot of money to refurbish or retrofit an office space. The costs only increase when you have to make significant changes, such as putting up walls (or taking them down). Meeting pods are much cheaper by comparison, and they offer a self-sufficient working space into a broader office environment. It's much easier to move a meeting pod too, so they can come with you when you move to new premises.

Not only do meeting pods make it easier to set-up an office, but they also make it easier to move offices when the time comes. They move and grow alongside your business and are available in a range of sizes to suit any office in any company.

Final Thoughts

It's clear to see the benefits of meeting pods for an office. These pods provide a professional and private place where employees can relax and unwind. Happy employees are loyal and productive employees. Meeting pods also create an environment for confidential business matters and offer a wealth of overall benefits.

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